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The Teiger® dough cloth - The cleaning revolution for your kitchen

We ship our wipes within the EU.
Outside the EU, we already have some dealers who sell our cloths in the respective country.

USA: https://breadtopia.com

UK: https://www.bakerybits.co.uk

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Clogged, encrusted bowls and dough hooks turn even the nicest of baking adventures into agony: Removing these impurities consumes time and effort. Plus, the sponges and cloths you use don't just look wildly unappetizing once you're done, they also start to smell over time. Should you always buy new cleaning utensils and keep on struggling? No, not with the Teiger®: The dough cleaning cloth effortlessly removes dough residues and dirt from all surfaces, is child's play to clean, and particularly durable! Discover the Teiger® dough cloth and start ordering your indispensable kitchen helpers today! 

Get rid of hours of cleaning with bad results:
The Teiger® dough cloth makes your everyday kitchen life easier – Discover the little cleaning sensation for your kitchen!

Simple, versatile, and sustainable – discover the advantages of the Teiger® dough cleaning cloth.


Our dough cloth makes your everyday life in the kitchen a whole lot easier! As nice as baking and cooking are - tidying up afterwards is one of the more unwelcome chores. Even if Teiger® doesn't do the job for you – the net cloth ensures that cleaning becomes much easier for you!

Uncomplicated use

You don't need to scrub hard with Teiger®. The high-quality material and the special surface structure ensure that you can get everything clean with little effort. Teiger® is suitable for all surfaces from chrome to porcelain - and even non-stick coatings are not scratched. Simply wipe the surface to be cleaned and experience for yourself how quickly and easily your cooking and baking utensils are cleaned! 

Versatile applications

With Teiger®, you not only get dough bowls, dough hooks, and spiral mixers clean in no time - you can use it practically anywhere in the kitchen! Use the dough cloth to thoroughly scrub your kitchen appliances such as the Thermomix or similar, clean all kitchen surfaces from the tabletop to the ceramic hob, and free your hands from annoying dough residues and the like. By the way: Teiger® also saves you having to use vegetable brushes: The cloth gently eliminates impurities on fruit and vegetables.

Sustainable kitchen tools

Do you have to dispose of sponges and cloths regularly once you've baked? Teiger® stays true to you: thanks to the easy and thorough cleaning options (under running water, in the dishwasher, or washing machine), the dough cloth is ready for use again quickly. The high-quality materials and the special structure ensure long durability for your cloth - and at the same time guarantee significantly less water consumption during use.

Still unconvinced? Take a look at our customers' reviews - and then order your handy two-pack of dough cleaning cloths today!

Reasons to choose the Teiger® - That's what makes our dough cloth so effective.


Since we introduced our dough cloth to the market, we have consistently received thrilled reviews from our customers. This is not a coincidence, after all, Teiger® is a carefully developed product of the highest quality.

High quality

We only use high-quality materials to produce our Teiger® cloth - these comply with the OEKO-Tex Standard 100. Combined with the special mesh structure and the reinforced hem, they guarantee a long service life and reliable availability. 

Fully Made in Germany

At Teiger®, we develop and manufacture the dough cloth in Germany. This means that every dough cleaning cloth is truly handmade and manufactured with the utmost care, setting Teiger® apart in every respect from copycat products.


Teiger® - Brilliant. Simple. Innovative.